An idea company specializing in content creation, idea generation, design,
advertising, strategy…and listening.


Michael Schwartz Creative is a multi-faceted, multi-platform, full service creative source for a wide variety of clients in entertainment, television, music, sports and beyond.


MSC is a lean and mean company led by Michael whose passion is generating original, dynamic ideas and concepts that make a mark and cut through all the clutter.


In addition to conceiving, directing and executing projects, Michael believes in a personal touch which often involves contributing hands-on creative skills that touch all media platforms, including concept, writing and design for all manner of advertising and marketing materials, and concept, writing and producing for a full array of video content. He has conceived and created major projects and campaigns for many of the most successful recording artists in the world across all genres from Alicia Keys to Alan Jackson to Bruce Springsteen and just about everyone in between. He has also created campaigns for many of sports television’s most coveted programming including “NBC Sunday Night Football” and “The NHL On NBC,” as well as clients as varied as Hornitos Tequila, the New Renaissance Basketball Association, Actor/ Director/Writer Ed Burns, and the newly re-opened, re-designed Watergate Hotel Complex.


Above all, Michael is a listener determined to uncover what’s special, what the client’s needs are, and what tools and channels should be used to best maximize the client’s message. It’s all about idea generation and idea execution, which Michael Schwartz Creative has successfully been accomplishing since 2000.


When necessary, Michael seeks out his trusted best friend and special advisor, Oscar, pictured above.